Welcome to the home of the Digital Pāli Reader.

The Digital Pāli Reader is a tool much like a hard-copy language reader. The tool includes the Pāli canon and related scriptures. It includes multiple dictionaries to facilitate reading the scriptures. In addition to enabling an immersive experience for the study of the Tipitaka, it is also useful in the study of the Pāli language at an advanced level. The Digital Pāli Reader is used by Buddhist monks in their Pāli studies, at Universities around the world and by lay users for study at home.

Here is a quick primer:

The DPR differs from an ordinary reader in several respects:

  1. The DPR allows for instant lookup of words, simply by clicking on a word
    in the passage being read.  This avoids time spent looking for the word
    in a hard-copy dictionary or in another place on one’s computer.
  2. The DPR has a built in search function similar to that of the CSCD. Whereas the CSCD allows for only global searches or searches of entire pitakas, the DPR provides Nikaya and Book searches as well.
  3. The dictionary files in the DPR were not designed specifically for the
    purpose at hand, and of course word-to-definition matches are sometimes incorrect
    due to imperfect
  4. The DPR includes several dictionaries: Pali-English, English-Pali, Pali proper names, and Concise Pali Dictionary. These dictionaries can be directly accessed from the control panel.
  5. The DPR has several useful auxiliary utilities, including:
    • bookmark and quote clipboard for keeping important passages
    • A Pali conversion utility that converts to and from Velthius, Unicode, and other scripts
    • Random English quotes from Buddhavacana, by S. Dhammika

While the DPR is far from perfect, it is sure to be useful for intermediate Pali students who wish to advance their studies to a higher level.

To get started, head on over to https://www.digitalpalireader.online/.

To contribute to the project, please check on how to get started on GitHub.

Here is the list of items planned for the current milestone.

Other resources:

26 Responses to Home

  1. satijeff says:

    Dear Ven. yuttadhammo,
    Thank you for your wonderful tool. The DPR keeps getting better and better. Have you considered making a DPR app for the iPad? Thank you.
    with metta,

    • yuttadhammo says:

      Dear Jeff,

      I don’t have an iPad myself. If I had one, I might make such an app… then again, it would probably be quite limited, since I don’t have a Mac either to run the iOS SDK on (required for development).

      Best wishes,


  2. Dhammaratana says:

    I want to remove the pali reader and any associated stuff from my computer. I can’t find it anywhere, can you give me a clue?

  3. DPR dont work in Firefox 6.0
    Will there be an update or standalone version?

  4. santosh says:

    DPR is not working in Firefox 6.0 as mentioned by Bhikkhu Samahita. What should we do????? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Linda says:

    I put the new DPR on my laptop, and I agree with santosh and Dhammaratana, it’s not working. I can click on the link to “Click here for the help page” and a new tab will open with the help page. If I then make selections in the Navigation box for Set, Book, etc, down to the sutta level, and click on the little right-pointing arrow ( at the end of the sequence that looks like this: M A T >) my view will pop back to the screen that says “Welcome to the Digital Pali Reader 2.0RC4”. The arrow does not bring up the sutta.

    I had also noticed that on the old version, when I click a new Set, it usually displays a very useful list of all the suttas within, in that main window. If I then clicked on a Book in that Set, it would dispay a smaller useful set just from that book. But now nothing happens (or perhaps every click is just bringing up the “Welcome” page again, rather than bringing up the suttas or lists of suttas).

    Thanks for all the work you do, as always, and I hope the above description helps. If you have any questions, please drop me an email. (Oh and I forgot to say I have Firefox 3.6.10, it just updated itself yesterday, and then I downloaded the newest version.)

    • Yuttadhammo says:

      First, 2.0 doesn’t seem to work with Firefox 3.x anymore, sorry 🙂 You should really update your browser to at least 4.0, that is surely your problem. I’ll update the minimum version info for the 2.0 official release.

      As to the list you are talking about, it should still be accessible via the section button below the Set/Book lists; again, with 3.x it may not work as expected. The reason for it not popping up automatically is because of the use of tabs in the new version; making the list popup manual rather than automatic allows you to choose where you want it to appear (middle click for new tab), rather than overwriting your old data.

      • Linda says:


        (1) I don’t have a button that allows for a middle-click on my laptop, unfortunately, but I can live without the functionality that would depend on middle-clicking. (2) How odd that when I let Firefox update itself it updated version 3 and not to the current version 6 — I suppose it’s logical that people would want to stay with the old version for their own reasons (old computers perhaps) but it just had never occurred to me it would be done that way. (3) I have Firefox up to 6.0.2 now and on a quick run-through DPR seems to be working fine in it. I’ll go to the library now and give it a *serious* testing.

        As always, thanks!

  6. bhikkhu Vinita says:

    Thanks a lot for your amazing work … if I may have small suggestion:Quite often I use the off-line version of AtI web-site, but the settings do not allow one to set the full path … also have you considered adding also the metta.lk?(I know this is much of a bigger task than the first one)
    Hope you will reap the merits from all this in the form of the highest fruits possible in this very life (and let me know 🙂

    yours in Dhamma metta bWin

  7. Suddhaso Bhikkhu says:

    Dear Ven. Yuttadhammo,

    Thank you for the exquisite DPR. One thing I’ve noticed:

    Searching for “te” under DPR shows an entry under tuvaṁ/tvaṁ which mentions 2nd Sg Ins/Gen/Dat, but not 3rd Pl Nom/Acc.

    Searching for “te” in dictionaries lists nothing about pronouns, only the prefix meaning ‘3’.

    Thank you,

    -Suddhāso Bhikkhu

  8. Remy says:


    I can hardly express by words my gratitude. The DPR is a most wonderful tool for getting in closer touch with the Buddha’s teaching. In my case, it enabled me to start the following project: http://www.suttapitaka.net/ of which the most interesting so far is perhaps this: http://www.suttapitaka.net/formulae.html#anupubba (to be completed still).

    However, I have some difficulties with the DPR on my computer as it uses a lot of virtual memory. I imagine you are aware of the problem already, but I just wanted to report that if ever possible an improvement here would be very appreciated.



  9. Dear Bhante, the link on this page
    Myanmar Tipitaka (required)
    is broken and I can’t install DPR.

    Could you please fix that.


  10. Dhamma Greetings

    is the “old” (non-plugin) standalone version still avaliable?


  11. DPR is clearly the most advanced tool I’ve seen for Pali research . I sometimes have to resort to CST4 though for a feature I need for research: Word Distance. It you type at least two strings of text in the search box, it appears, allowing you to indicate that maximum distance between the words. This is very useful when you want to look up for connections between two words, say jhana and ekagga. Would be great if DPR has this too.

  12. Bhikkhu Subhuti says:

    I just got DPR working on my Android Tablet! I used Complete Linux Installer from the app store and then loaded DPR. Worked smoothly with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 stock rom. CM was another story. But I got it all working.
    This is surely better than the android app. The dictionary is superior and needed if you want to look up the commentaries (which are not translated).
    I hope one day for the dictionary of DPR to be merged with the Android App. Also change of the highlighted text when doing a search (yellow on yellow is current).

    Sadhu ! I think DPR’s dictionary lookup is better than cscd which is quite an accomplishment!

  13. Vincent Halahakone says:

    Dear Bhante

    DPR is very very useful tool.

    Is it possible to include Sinhala Pali in the DPR if we send you the Pali Sinhala Dictionary database?

    This will be very valuable for the Sinhala readers.

    Let me know pl

    with metta


  14. linda says:

    Today Firefox asked to upgrade itself (to 43.0.1) and now won’t recognize the DPR. It says “Digital Pali Reader could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled.” It says this for the Myanmar Tipitaka Plugin, Sanskrit Dictionary, and Thai Tipitaka Plugin, as well. I tried a fresh download from SourceForge with the same results. I’m sure I can just reload the old Firefox and get it working again, but I thought you might like to know.

  15. Bhikkhu Subhuti says:

    As you know I am a fan of DPR and I have spoken before privately about making a standalone app. However, and “online” version is not really the solution.

    There are two quick fixes:
    I think there is a way to install two different versions of firefox at the same time.
    I have not tried this yet though.

    The other option Bhante, is to grow your own renamed forked firefox application. Just download the code change a few things so it registers as a different product, embed the plugins and make it available for download for three operating systems.

  16. Bhikkhu Subhuti says:

    Uh.. it seems that when you run firefox (normal version), it kills the ability to run the older version. hmmm will update later

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