2.2.2 Dictionary History

Got the search history entries reversed properly, and added dictionary search history as well.

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2.2 Search History

Just a small feature, but well-appreciated (by me, anyway). Now you have a list of up to 100 past searches that you can rerun on demand. Next, to do the same for dictionary lookups, if possible.

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2.1 Panels

Not sure how to describe this, but it should be pretty self-explanitory:

Basically, you can now open multiple sections side by side, instead of in tabs.

This is still experimental, but for now, SHIFT+click changes the default behaviour for most buttons to open a new panel. New panels can be closed, but the original panel can’t.

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Dutiyaṃ (DPR 2.0)

Yep, it’s here. 2.0. And with that, 1.0 becomes a thing of the past. All 1.0 users should now get an upgrade notice that brings them 2.0 So, upgrade your browser (FF 4+), install the Myanmar Tipitaka extension, and upgrade 🙂 Sorry, guys, hope it still works!

If you were using 1.0 up until now, a lot has changed. If you’ve been using one of the 2.0 release candidates, all that has changed is the dictionary searches should now be fairly RegEx compliant (thanks, Khemaratana) and the full-text bug is fixed.

Still lots of bugs out there, sorry it can’t be perfect, but then neither am I. Happy Pali’ing everyone 🙂

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Firefox and DPR 2.0

The release of DPR 2.0 is imminent… still, it’s disturbing to hear some people aren’t able to use it at all. One reason, I think, is that it doesn’t actually work with Firefox 3.x anymore. My bad for forgetting to up the minimum version, but really, no one should be using such an outdated browser; it’s time to upgrade, folks! Firefox 7 will be out shortly; the minimum version compatible with the reader is 4.0, as far as I can tell.

If there are other problems with the reader, please do let me know; there’s a feedback form in the reader itself… if that doesn’t work, just head on over to my weblog contact page:


But, before you do, it would be helpful if you could check your Firefox error log and send me any errors related to the DPR that may be in it. To access the error log, press CTRL+SHIFT+J.

Once 2.0 comes out, the plan is to switch the 1.0 update file to 2.0, so people using 1.0 will get notices to update to 2.0. If you like 1.0 better, just turn off updates – I won’t be updating it any further.

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Digital Pali Reader 2.0 Release Candidate 2

It’s been quite some time since the first 2.0 beta; seems about time to accept it for what it is and release it as a full 2.0. So, taking the next step in that direction by releasing a release candidate. If you missed the first RC, don’t worry, it was never released – just a mistake in the numbering. If all goes well, there may be an RC3 and then a full 2.0.

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Enlightened Search

DPR 2.0 is up to Beta 28 and counting. This beta release bears mentioning, because it adds a feature that I think will really be found useful for keen Pali students: partial book searches.

The entire search tab has been revamped, and it’s still a bit messy, but hopefully I can clean it up as time goes on. For now, the choices have been reduced to five: Multiple Sets, Books in Set, Single Book, and Partial Book. This means choosing M,A,T has to be done manually for each type, but I think makes the overall search process more straightforward.

Choosing the “Partial Book” option brings up the familiar hierarchy of vaggas, suttas, sections, subsections, etc. but this time on the search tab. Selecting one of the hierarchies (a radio button) means your search is limited to that level in the hierarchy. So, say you want to search the Mahaparinibbaana Sutta. You would select “Partial Book”, then “Diigha” and “Muula”, “DN 2”, “3. mahaaprinibbaanasutta.m”. Or, if you just want to search the yamakasaalaa section, for whatever reason, switch to that level in the hierarchy and select that section from the dropdown.

This is really the ultimate in search flexibility, and a feature that was requested by two seperate monks, so here it is.

Okay, so the DPR search itself won’t enlighten you, but the new changes might make you think it was enlightened beings who thought it up. All credit for the idea goes to the venerables who requested it, Ven. Nyanatusita and Ven Khemaratana.

Also in this release, I’ve fixed the ATT and TIK and TITLE dictionary look ups… I didn’t even realize I’d broken them until today. Sorry about that… please do let me know if you find anything that doesn’t work.

May all be well,


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More Thai Pali Tipitaka

Fixed a few more bugs lately, and added more texts to the Thai Pali Tipitaka. Now we have MN and DN and half of AN. Slowly but surely.

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Thai Vinaya Completed

Just a note that the Thai vinaya is now complete.  If you are using 2.0, just make sure you have all three extensions installed, and when you open the vinaya, in the toolbox there should be a M|T button; click the “T” to switch from Myanmar to Thai.

Also, I’ve given the sidebar a tabbed interface.  Experimental, not sure if this works better than the old layout.  Better on small screens, anyway, and a bit cleaner.

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2.0 Split

As some of you may have noticed already, 2.0 is now split into at least two parts – the main extension now contains only the program itself, without the Tipitaka files, which now have a dedicated extension package of their own. Both are required for operation, and should be downloaded via the sidebar links (The Thai Tipitaka extension is incomplete and optional – see below).

Sorry for the bother this may cause, but the reason is two-fold:

First, splitting the files up means you need to download the Tipitaka far less often than before (only when for some reason I edit one of the tipitaka files). The main extension is now less than 9 MB.

Second, this format allows for multiple versions of the Tipitaka to be installed. Currently I’m working on incorporating the Thai Tipitaka into the DPR, and the Sinhala Tipitaka could eventually follow. This means eventually you will be able to choose which version of the Tipitaka you wish to use with the DPR, and allow for comparing versions with each other. This could also allow for installing optional ancillary texts in the future.

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