Long Last

Apologies for the delay… the DPR has languished without update for far too long. There was some issue with outdated tools for verifying the extension that kept turning me off putting out a new update. Finally, I’ve bit the bullet and figured it out… sort of. The new extension is up at http://pali.sirimangalo.org/, but it may not update automatically, so you should go there and download the new version, and check back to see if and when new versions are posted.

The latest version probably has lots of fixes and updates that I can’t even remember at this point, but the biggie was just finalized today, and that is an update to the translations system. Here’s what’s new:

The ATI bulk linking should now work with the latest archive. It no longer looks for a list of the suttas in the archive – instead it uses its own outdated version, which means there may be some minor discrepancies or omissions.

The BuddhistTexts archive should now work with individual suttas; you need to use an unpacked BuddhistTexts.zip archive – if you don’t know what this is, please check the description of the associated Android app. I can’t say much more or I risk facing the wrath of blue meanies.

Both archives should be enabled by linking to their base directory (ati_website and BuddhistTexts respectively) in the Preferences window which can be opened from the Tools tab.

Once you have done so, you should see little faded icons in two places:

1. beside main titles in indexes (which you get by clicking on the book name – first name under “Book Hierarchy” – or any of the three horizontal line buttons under “Book Hierarchy”)



2. in the bottom-right corner of the toolbox (those three dots in the top left corner of any sutta page.


Let me know if you have any problems; thanks everyone for their support and encouragement and most importantly USE of this app.

Be well 🙂

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