3.6 – App Menu Button

Sorry, I haven’t been updating this blog for new versions, last post was about 3.2, and we’re already at 3.6. Many changes, some of the big ones are:

Digital Buddha Vacana is now completely inter-linked with the DPR; this means that every quote now has a clickable source that should show the Pali in the DPR. Much thanks to Ven. Khemaratana for his work on that.

All scripts have now been added to the converter “from” side, which means you can now convert from any script to any other script.

The shortcut key has changed to ALT+SHIFT+D, which seems to work better in Windows, but not so well in Linux… may have to change it again.

Finally, I figured out how to add a menu item to the “Firefox” menu that is now in Windows – Ubuntu is still using the ordinary menu bar (now in the Ubuntu Unity bar), so I didn’t notice the problem until Khemaratana pointed it out. Check it out, let me know if it’s really there; hopefully this means more people can actually find the extension once it is installed.

Lots of other bug fixes, most in previous releases… if you’ve been upgrading regularly, 3.6 just adds the app menu entry and changes the shortcut key.

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