Tatiyampi – Putting it all together

Yep, DPR 3.0 (3.1.2, actually). The idea now is to use the Firefox integration to its best, so learning how to make the DPR more like an app and less like a webpage.

One notable change with DPR 3 is the context menu, which actually showed up in 2.something, but has become quite the tool in 3.whatever. Now, you can search, lookup, transliterate, conjugate, translate or just send text from any webpage to the DPR as if it were a tipitaka section. Here what it looks like:

Digital Pali Reader Context Menu

Another notable change is the lower pane of the main window, which has become a part of the Firefox UI. This is more internal though, shouldn’t do much from a user point of view.

Another thing that will, though, is the new Quick Links box, that makes the quick link feature more visible, and explains it, along with new quick links for the Khuddaka Nikaya. Here’s a screenshot of this:

Quick Links

Let me know any of this has added any unforeseen bugs.

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