Dutiyaṃ (DPR 2.0)

Yep, it’s here. 2.0. And with that, 1.0 becomes a thing of the past. All 1.0 users should now get an upgrade notice that brings them 2.0 So, upgrade your browser (FF 4+), install the Myanmar Tipitaka extension, and upgrade 🙂 Sorry, guys, hope it still works!

If you were using 1.0 up until now, a lot has changed. If you’ve been using one of the 2.0 release candidates, all that has changed is the dictionary searches should now be fairly RegEx compliant (thanks, Khemaratana) and the full-text bug is fixed.

Still lots of bugs out there, sorry it can’t be perfect, but then neither am I. Happy Pali’ing everyone 🙂

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