Firefox and DPR 2.0

The release of DPR 2.0 is imminent… still, it’s disturbing to hear some people aren’t able to use it at all. One reason, I think, is that it doesn’t actually work with Firefox 3.x anymore. My bad for forgetting to up the minimum version, but really, no one should be using such an outdated browser; it’s time to upgrade, folks! Firefox 7 will be out shortly; the minimum version compatible with the reader is 4.0, as far as I can tell.

If there are other problems with the reader, please do let me know; there’s a feedback form in the reader itself… if that doesn’t work, just head on over to my weblog contact page:

But, before you do, it would be helpful if you could check your Firefox error log and send me any errors related to the DPR that may be in it. To access the error log, press CTRL+SHIFT+J.

Once 2.0 comes out, the plan is to switch the 1.0 update file to 2.0, so people using 1.0 will get notices to update to 2.0. If you like 1.0 better, just turn off updates – I won’t be updating it any further.

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