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DPR 2.0 is up to Beta 28 and counting. This beta release bears mentioning, because it adds a feature that I think will really be found useful for keen Pali students: partial book searches.

The entire search tab has been revamped, and it’s still a bit messy, but hopefully I can clean it up as time goes on. For now, the choices have been reduced to five: Multiple Sets, Books in Set, Single Book, and Partial Book. This means choosing M,A,T has to be done manually for each type, but I think makes the overall search process more straightforward.

Choosing the “Partial Book” option brings up the familiar hierarchy of vaggas, suttas, sections, subsections, etc. but this time on the search tab. Selecting one of the hierarchies (a radio button) means your search is limited to that level in the hierarchy. So, say you want to search the Mahaparinibbaana Sutta. You would select “Partial Book”, then “Diigha” and “Muula”, “DN 2”, “3. mahaaprinibbaanasutta.m”. Or, if you just want to search the yamakasaalaa section, for whatever reason, switch to that level in the hierarchy and select that section from the dropdown.

This is really the ultimate in search flexibility, and a feature that was requested by two seperate monks, so here it is.

Okay, so the DPR search itself won’t enlighten you, but the new changes might make you think it was enlightened beings who thought it up. All credit for the idea goes to the venerables who requested it, Ven. Nyanatusita and Ven Khemaratana.

Also in this release, I’ve fixed the ATT and TIK and TITLE dictionary look ups… I didn’t even realize I’d broken them until today. Sorry about that… please do let me know if you find anything that doesn’t work.

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