2.0 Split

As some of you may have noticed already, 2.0 is now split into at least two parts – the main extension now contains only the program itself, without the Tipitaka files, which now have a dedicated extension package of their own. Both are required for operation, and should be downloaded via the sidebar links (The Thai Tipitaka extension is incomplete and optional – see below).

Sorry for the bother this may cause, but the reason is two-fold:

First, splitting the files up means you need to download the Tipitaka far less often than before (only when for some reason I edit one of the tipitaka files). The main extension is now less than 9 MB.

Second, this format allows for multiple versions of the Tipitaka to be installed. Currently I’m working on incorporating the Thai Tipitaka into the DPR, and the Sinhala Tipitaka could eventually follow. This means eventually you will be able to choose which version of the Tipitaka you wish to use with the DPR, and allow for comparing versions with each other. This could also allow for installing optional ancillary texts in the future.

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