Beta 13 – Permalinks, Fuzzy Searching and A New Help File

Beta 13 is actually meant to address a specific bug in the search output (thank to Ven. Khemaratana for spotting it). But besides that, there are a few new features worth mentioning:

1. Permalinks

Beta 13 adds permalinks to sections, paragraphs and even search query results within the section.  If you are already using Beta 13, read on.  If not, download it, then come back here.

The permalink to a section is found in up to three places: the address bar (requires Firefox 4 or higher), the title of the current section, and the space to the left of each paragraph (which turns white when you hover over it). An example permalink is


The link is made up of up to four parts, depending on the information it contains: first, everything before the question mark is the actual location of the DPR itself; second, the information between the question mark and the first ampersand (&) is the location of the section in DPR syntax, in this case the first section of the Digha Nikaya (d), mula (m); third, “para=4” tells the DPR to scroll to the fourth paragraph; fourth, “query=bhagavaa+bhikkhave” tells the DPR to highlight the words “bhagavaa” and “bhikkhave”. This link can be shared with other DPR users for easy reference, or even placed on a website or forum, as in the following example:

(Link to paribbājakakathā)

2. Fuzzy Search

This option was the brain-child of Ven. Khemaratana as well, our most prolific bug spotter and feature suggester. What it means is you can now query the dictionaries without having to worry about diacritics. Enabling this feature equates long and short vowels and ignores diacritics (dots and tilde).

3. New Help File

The help file should actually be helpful now, with a table of contents and expanded information about each feature of the DPR.

Happy reading, all.

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