Beta 12 – ATI offline search

Beta 12 adds only one new feature; ideally I shouldn’t be adding any features at the beta stage, I know. This is sort of an additional feature, though. I already added on-line search, but was stuck with the off-line search due to XML loading restrictions. Then I realized that as an extension, the DPR can actually access any file in your home directory as text, and then parse the text as XML. Long story short, the DPR now has off-line ATI search capabilities, and the ATI off-line edition probably never will, since browsers like Google Chrome and Safari won’t give it the extended permissions required to read XML even in its own sub directories.

Download DPR 1.0Beta12 and try it for yourself; you can even specify which nikayas to search.

Beta 13 may be the last beta, adding Abhidhamma MAT relative links and fixing whatever bugs remain.

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