Beta 5 – Mula, Atthakatha and Tika Linking Finally Here!

I intended to use the betas mainly for bug fixing, but there were a few features I felt just needed to be added to make the reader a complete one-point-zero release. By far the most nagging was the ability to link the root texts with their commentaries and sub-commentaries. Even the CSCD 3 could do that, and quite well in fact. I tried contacting the developers to see if I could get their code. They are not returning my emails right now, and I don’t think the CST 4 has the same ability. With 1.0beta5, the DPR has it, at least partially, and limited.

Partial means I’ve completed the four nikayas. You should see “M” “A” and “T” buttons to the left of the title when you open most sections now. Clicking on them takes you (or should take you) to the corresponding section.

Limited means it only takes you to the section, not to the paragraph, since this would require the more exact linking files used in the CSCD 3. I think linking to the section is sufficient.

I’ve also addressed a related bug; pressing the MAT buttons in the control panel will now preserve the book you were at – but not the section, for that you should use the buttons in the section itself.

I’ll try to complete the Vinaya, KN, and Abhidhamma linking as time allows.

Happy reading 🙂

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