DPR 0.958 – Full Tipitaka At Last

I think I’ve included all the files now, something I never thought I’d get around to doing. The abhidhamma tika was the last in the set. I’ve also added Myanmar transliteration (one-way), and fixed several bugs. I think we’re almost at the point where a 1.0beta can be released. I’ll wait for more bugs to crop up first.

Up until yesterday, I hadn’t had a way to keep track of downloads (+upgrades). I’ve now created a php system that allows me to see a) how many people are checking for upgrades (by IP address), and b) how many times the Firefox extension has been downloaded. I’m not sure if many people out there are using Chrome, but I’ll try to create a similar setup to see. In the past 12 hours, the latest xpi has been downloaded 21 times, and 34 different IPs have checked for updates. Obviously, the IP count will be a bit bloated, given most people will have a dynamic IP and move around anyway, but still it’s a good basic means of keeping track of how many users have the reader installed.

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