0.9 – Major UI adjustment

0.9 adds a toolbar to the DPR:

Overall, I think the toolbar greatly improves the usability of the reader, allowing one to keep the control panel closed when reading sections and providing instant send-to-converter capability. Another neat thing is that it includes a history drop-down, that shows you where you’ve been. Max history is set at 100 items. It can collapse if you find it annoying. I’ll try to add a preference so that it remembers your choice on startup.

Adding the toolbar made me decide to finally move the control panel to the left side. I’d been thinking about doing that for some time, due to scroll bars always being on the right side. Never got around to it until now. Hope it is not an unwelcome change, and that I didn’t create any unfixed bugs in the process. Please let me know.

Also, added DPPN history, since there are links in many articles, so you can go back to the last article read.

Bug fixes too, minor improvements.

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