Internal Dictionary Search Matches

In case anyone is actually following this weblog… here’s a feature that someone requested some time back; at the time I was skeptical as to whether it could or should be implemented, and then today I had a cause to need it, so I checked it out, and indeed it was simple.

The feature is this: suppose you want to search based on part of a term in the dictionary, like all words containing “kar”.  Normally, all you’d get by typing “kar” into the search box is words beginning with “kar”.  No longer.  Now, just add an asterisk (*) to the beginning of the word, click the “>” button, and it will obediently search for every word containing “kar”.  I’ve had the script automatically disable “as-you-type” results for this sort of search, because that would be just silly.

Version 0.43 contains this feature.

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