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As many are aware, I’ve wasted put a great amount of time into creating the Digital Pali Reader as a tool to make reading the Pali texts easier for those who already have basic grammar skills. Well, a couple of months ago, while touring Northern Thailand together, one of my students gave me the idea to turn it into a Firefox extension, something I’d never thought of before but which is ideal for this particular project.

I immediately assumed it would take a lot of tweaking to turn a javascript and xml based project into a Firefox extension; turns out all it took was adding a container file, setting some variables and creating the right file structure. In a short time, I had a semi-working extension up and running. Cookies didn’t seem to work, so rather than figure out why, I moved to using Firefox’s in-built preference system, much preferable anyway. That part isn’t finished yet, but it works with a restart after changing the preferences. The rest seems to work as it should. Anyone interested should now download the reader here:


Let me know if it actually works outside of the lab.

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